A Brief History of Le Villageois

 Your Neighbour Since 1956

Le Villageois is a well established company founded by Adelbert Doiron in the Paquetville region in 1956. The store, which started out offering grocery products, was taken over by the son of the founder, Daniel Doiron, in 1990. The company has since greatly diversified its offer to meet the needs of the people of the Acadian Peninsula.

It now offers construction and road drainage materials, office supplies, hardware, and more. In 2006, Le Villageois partnered with Home Hardware to continue to offer exceptional quality materials and tools.

 Our Employees - The Strength of Our Company

We hire people from our community who know the needs of our customers and who can give them exemplary service every time. In order to maintain our tradition of excellence, we are constantly improving our service structure.